Surfaces treatment industry


Laygo Gaskets manufactures plate heat exchanger gaskets for surface treatment, a process in which metal parts are cleaned to add paint or layers protecting the surface from wear and corrosion, as well as for a decorative purpose. To achieve it, fluids need to be heated or cooled through plate heat exchangers.
Fluids flow through the heat exchanger by a pump using water. In turn, this can be cooled both with a cooler and a radiator.
The most common heat exchanger in surface treatment is a single coil, although sometimes can be replaced by external heat exchanger plates offering countless advantages:
•    Less tank and fluid volume.
•    No risk of damaging coils when objects move within the tank.
•    Fluid recirculation provides agitation reducing or eliminating the need to use more agitators.
•    Economic maintenance.
•    Possibility of a reserve unit in case of service